Friday, January 15, 2016

Family hand casting in Phoenix, Arizona

With much consideration, Maternity Keepsake will "hopefully" be offering family hand wreaths in the very near future.  I've had several clients inquire about them so I've decided to practice with family and friends and get my process down.

Please be aware that the cost for these hand wreaths will be several hundred dollars; they are time consuming, require sanding and touch ups and products are expensive.  I've seen pricing on the internet for a family of 4 cost up to $450.00.

My prices through August, 2016:

Two adults and one *child under 10 years of age is:  $275.00
Two adults and two *children, $375.00
Deposit is half of your total.

*Children have to be old enough to hold extremely still during the first 15 minutes of the casting process, if this can't happen, the molds will not turn out and there will be a $30.00 charge for my time and products.

Thanks for looking!